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The competition has been aggressive during this period of uncertainty, but we are, as we have always been, determined to prove to you why Dell is the best solutions provider to meet your needs.

Michael Dell, in an open letter to Dell’s “customers and partners” about his ongoing efforts to take the struggling company private. 

Just how bad is the PC industry right now? Focus on the “solutions provider” part. IBM doesn’t get nearly enough credit for being way ahead on this move.

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Chat to the scientists who made a movie with atoms. Atoms people...

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Making the world’s smallest movie
Reports from the lab: 03
“She made this drawing celebrating the first day”

Andreas reflects on the first day of filming, in which they successfully completed the IBM logo at the end of the movie. 

“A Boy And His Atom”
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Charleston’s police department is partnering with software giant IBM on a pilot project to better identify trends in armed robberies. By plugging in a variety of data, including variables such as the season, time of day and even the weather, officials hope to speed up results and uncover weak spots through what the industry calls “predictive analytics.”

Charleston Police Department using more computer trending to see crime patterns | The Post and Courier (via smarterplanet)

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